Currently designing at GlobalLogic. Previously Senior Experience Designer at Designit & Wipro Digital.

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Five lessons from designing for an enterprise company

Awards & Recognitions


Journio - Enabling students to express their emotions during this time of pandemic

IxDA Awards 2021 as a finalist in the Concept / Professional category

For India’s 321 million students across 1.8 million K-12 schools, the pandemic has introduced online or distance learning indefinitely. How might young children – many of them pre-teens, communicate their emotions and feelings over cold glass screens, the only way to connect day in and day out? Our attempt to answer this question led us to Journio - a digital platform that enables students to share how they feel, and helps teachers & parents recognise and empathise with students’ emotions, thereby improving their emotional well-being & learning during these challenging times.


The Invisible Killer

Honourable mention: United Nations COVID-19 Response Creative Content Hub.

A year ago, at the beginning of the pandemic, we submitted this campaign via Talenthouse to a United Nations Call for Creatives to help create awareness and stop the spread of COVID –a global healthcare issue, that could merit a global healthcare system. Our submission got featured in United Nations COVID-19 Response Creative Content Hub.

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